Plagarism: Easy & Simple?

In their study of students’ reasons for online plagiarism, Comas-Forgas and Sureda-Negre (2010) found that some students say it “is easier, simpler, and more comfortable than doing the work yourself” (p. 223). Can you suggest arguments that would help persuade students that online plagiarism, while easy and quick, is not in their best interests?

– Plagiarism is cheating, plain and simple, there is so much to be lost and nothing to be gained by doing so. Not only does it go against the school’s academic honesty policy but it should go against your own honesty policy. If you get an A on that paper, it certainly is not your A and should not be celebrated as so. Imagine attending a university on a full-ride scholarship. You’ve been putting off this paper because you’d rather hang with some friends on campus and tell yourself you have the night before put aside to get it completed. That night comes and your friends beg you to come to a party with them, you can’t miss it because it is practically the party of the year. So you go and the next morning an hour before class you copy some things from online, press paste, and turn in a paper with your name on it. Suddenly you are called to the Dean’s office and you are being told you have to be kicked out of school due to violating the academic honesty policy. At that moment, you have lost everything that you worked hard for, that your parent’s worked hard for. In fact, what will you say to your parent’s? MY advice to students is that it is not worth it! Get that A because YOU did the work and YOU deserve it. When you are sitting behind that desk with your name on the door with “CEO” under it, you want to kick your feet up, rest your arms behind your head, and say “I deserve this”. No one likes a dishonest person.


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