Using technology to teach English class

As an aspiring English teacher I am always wanting to learn more about how I can integrate technology into my subject. After reviewing several article reviews on the ISTE Center for Applied Research in Education Technology I have found several ways that this is possible.

Children are more interested in computer games than playing outside. To play into that, a teacher can introduce educational video or computer games that have an equal amount of learning and “playing” to get to an answer or getting an answer right gets you to the next level. Inside the classroom for a grammar lesson, the students can use PDA’s or other devices that are interconnected to create teams to submit their answer of what is missing in the sentence. One of the reviews even claims that using games as a learning tool decreases student anxiety. Giving students games as homework that can be done at home also gives a greater opportunity for more family involvement. One review goes into detail how email and internet provide a community for children normally isolated in school. Speech to text applications can also be helpful in jotting down quick ideas for a paper or to aid in research.


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