Organizations focusing on instructional technology for teachers

1) Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)

This is an organization that provides memberships to institutions, corporations, and individuals with the intent of empowering these leaders to realize the uses of technology and create an engaged learning environment wherever and whomever they may be teaching. They believe that technology is an important tool to personalize learning and provides global connections to assist in educating their members.

With the membership, an individual member receives:

  • Receives the CoSN Member Bulletin with timely information
  • Can attend 2 free webinars per year
  • Receives the monthly Washington Update
  • Enjoys full access to members-only publications
  • Participates in CoSN Leadership Initiatives
  • Serves on Committees and partakes in other volunteer opportunities
  • Votes in Board elections

Cost: Individual membership $250/year



2) Total Information for Educational Systems (TIES)

TIES is a Minnesota software developer who integrated student, personalized learning, finance, human resources and payroll system decisions through reports and metric dashboards.. They are currently the largest educational technology “trainer” in the Midwest. Their value is placed on integrating technology into the classroom. TIES is owned by 48 Minnesota school districts.

Membership benefits:

  • Data-driven decision-making tools 
  • Student information, finance, and human resources and payroll applications 
  • Records management 
  • Unlimited professional staff development training 
  • Teacher web pages 
  • ISP services, technical consulting, and hardware and software group purchasing 
  • Transportation routing and management 
  • Data mapping 
  • Use of TIES meeting facilities

Cost: Associate memberships for districts and subscriber school memberships for individual schools are available for $3.34 per student per year with a $1,000 minimum.



This organization is a national center at the University of Missouri that offers research based programs to “K-20” educators. They use interactive group sessions and in-class coaching to help teachers in integrating technology into their classrooms. One of their main focuses is to build a community between the students and teacher.

Membership benefits: Membership allows certified eMINTS Instructional Specialists (who must be graduates of the eMINTS PD4ETS program) to access current eMINTS materials that can only be used within their organization’s programs.

Cost: $750/year



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