Behaviorist or Constructivist ?

After reading several articles describing both points of view I would consider myself a Behaviorist. I believe I am this because of the belief that learning comes from the environment and that there must be an incentive to evoke a response.  We eat because we are hungry and we excel in school because we are trying to strive for something better.

 the mind does not help a person to acquire knowledge but instead it is the psychology of the environment which a person lives. 
Skinner basically believed that man has no personality, although I think that statement is invalid, his belief in man needing to be controlled to behave does have some validity. If we had no order nothing would get accomplished, the world would be complete chaos. We learn because we follow a set of rules given and laid out to us at a very young age. If we do not follow them, there are consequences. If the consequence is not desirable, the likelihood of that negative action happening again decreases significantly. The behaviorist theory not only deals with consequences but also rewards and what drives us to achieve that reward. Since we are all teachers here – it can be easily applied in the classroom. How do you get an unruly child to stop misbehaving in class? Take away play-time, recess, or any other reward that the child sees other students receiving.
To those who are adamantly against this theory, there can be no denial that the environment plays a major role in the shaping of one’s personality, beliefs, and behavior. If you live with animals, you become an animal, right? You reflect the morals and beliefs that your parents drilled into you as a child. Often times the neighborhood and the other children you play with define what activities you get involved in.

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