Tech-Pack in Action: Analyze a Scenario

a. Deconstruct Ms. Ball’s Tech-PACK in the following way. Fill in the following matrix to show what she knows and what she will have to learn in terms of content, technologies, and pedagogies, in order to be in her Tech-PACK zone in this topic.

Tech- PACK Components                           


What is known: Ms. Ball knows how to construct a power-point presentation and is fairly comfortable with using it. She knows that this is a better way to detect which students have done their share of work by the way it is presented to the class.

What must be learned. Ms. Ball must learn how to effectively use power-point to teach her students lessons. She must learn how much content is too much on one slide and weigh how much is written versus what needs to be spoken.


What is known: She knows how to structure a lesson to teach her students as a whole.

What must be learned: She must learn how to structure a lesson that will make the student’s want to work in groups but in the process will learn effectively.


What is known: Ms. Ball knows that the content she brings to the student’s has to be complete and make sense. She must communicate effectively with her student’s to ensure their understanding.

What must be learned: Ms. Ball must learn how to separate content. For example, some history lessons can be very complex and involve many different names. One of the easiest things to do is to associate words with a phrase: FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) is an easy way to remember English and how a sentence should be separated.


b. Identify the context and logistical issues in this situation that Ms. Ball must address to implement this new strategy effectively in her classroom.

Ms. Ball may have to attend more seminars on how to effectively use power-point to teach lessons. After this she needs to implement this new technology slowly and ask student’s for feedback on the lesson. She will need to clearly state the directions for the students if she is going to use power-point as means for a student project presentation. In addition, she needs to be able to assist the student’s if they do not understand a feature in the power-point. Ms. Ball must know what she is talking about and how to use it to its full advantage if she is going to give it out as an assignment.


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