Viewing and Media Literacy 

Introduction  l  Task  l  Process  l  Evaluation  l  Conclusion


This project is to help student’s   understand and analyze media for stereotyping, how media expresses the values   of the culture that created it, and understand how messages vary by time   period.




  1.   Research   current media across the world
  2.   Create a spreadsheet   on the income vs. content of media
  3.   In the   spreadsheet also include what the primary use of the media is (as this will   vary by culture)
  4.   Pick two very   different cultures and create a timeline of how media has progressed.


  1.   May work in   groups of 2-3
  2.   Use the   following research papers to gather information: http://catdir.loc.gov/catdir/samples/cam041/2003069684.pdf


  1.   Create a   spreadsheet on income vs. content of media, primary use of media, and create   a timeline of media progression











1 point







2 points







3 points







4 points






Content of Research



Content displayed is     minimum and does not have much detail about their income or lifestyle



Content includes at     least two different cultures and has some detail of income and lifestyle



Content includes two or     three different cultures; income is clearly defined as well as their     lifestyle. Research content touches slightly on the modern day uses



Content includes at     least three different cultures and describes in great detail their average     income amount, lifestyle, and the primary use of media in modern society









The spreadsheet lacks     the income per group breakdown and the use of media is not clear.



The spreadsheet states     average income but does not include all group breakdowns. The use of media     is stated but lacks any further detail.



The spreadsheet     describes the average income per family, but is missing some detail within     the specific group breakdown. The use of media is stated but is not     specifically clear.



The spreadsheet has the     average income per family, broken down further by age groups 20 &     under, 20 -40, and 40 & above and clearly defined is the uses of the     media for that group









Timeline only includes     one culture; there is no compare and contrast.



Timeline includes two     cultures, but they are somewhat the same, the media progression does not     show much difference between the two.



Timeline includes two     cultures that are vaguely different and shows media progression that     differs slightly but does show milestone advancements in technology



Timeline includes two     cultures that are different in almost every aspect. The media progression     is clearly stated and the timeline shows a major difference in the     technological advancements of the cultures throughout time








At the end of this assignment the   students will be able to identify how media differs in cultures and what and   if any aspects of their life revolves around that media use. The student will   be able to identify how income affects a family or/and a community’s ability   to have access to some technologies that others may have. If the media that   this assignment is being read on right now, how would that effect the end   result and finished product of your assignment?



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