Learning Styles

To adapt to every student’s ideal way of learning is a seemingly impossible task. Hands on activities do not work for students who learn primarily based off of lectures and vice versa. Teachers should instead try to put their own learning style into the presentation of the material, but allow the student to execute and practice the material in their own way. Not saying to rid of homework assignments completely – but maybe give the students several options of assignments to hand in. Can a science genius shine if there are no hands on experiments in class to test? Challenging the students to attempt these different learning styles may also allow them to realize that one way is much more effective than he or she had thought.

It’s crazy that in a system that is meant to teach and help the youth there is no voice from the youth at all

– The Independent Project

The Independent Project, an idea formed by a high school student, is a project where students created their own learning materials and taught themselves and each other and teachers were just mere mentors. It is an inspiring and what I believe is very interesting as other schools have since adopted this idea.


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