The role of the Internet

1.  Learning at a distance


a) Learning in your preferred environment

b) picking any time to learn the lecture

c) assignments are usually due by midnight


a) if you don’t understand a topic, you must email the professor, then wait for his response in written format, sometimes the tone an answer is said in can assist in its explanation

b) it is easy to forget about it, as attendance isn’t necessarily taken

c) the depth of remembrance of what you have learned when the class ends


Learning in a physical location


a) one on one instruction

b) if you do not show up, your attendance and grades suffer – forcing you to attend class

c) it is easier to ask questions and get an immediate answer – from peers or the instructor

d) when taking a test, it is nearly impossible to pass it off as someone else’s answers


a) time must be made and cut from your schedule to attend class

b) assignments are due as soon as you walk in class

c) many times if a lecture is missed, the only thing you can obtain is a classmates notes

I agree with Bill Gates prediction that place-based activity in college will be five times less important than it is today. I believe that this revolves around the convenience of online classes. Many students, such as myself, do not have the opportunity to live at home and have their parents pay their tuition.  This means that the student must juggle a full time job and being a full time student. It is very difficult to work a 40 hour week and find the motivation and time to drive to school and sit in class for two hours. Employers do not know whether these hours were in class or online, therefore the credits hold the same value. I believe that physical instruction is necessary for K-12 students. There is so much to learn in those early years and these children need direct instruction from educated professionals. As much as parents want to believe they know everything to help their child, it is best for them to attend school. This also builds their socialization skills. If attending school in high school was not required, nearly half of the students would not graduate.


2. The only role that I can see Facebook playing in education is the ability to have discussions with classmates on assignments, projects, etc. The last thing that parents, or even teachers, should want is the child to spend more time on Facebook. There are way too many distractions. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve changed tabs from this blog to my Facebook page, putting me at least 20 minutes behind each time I do it. Facebook is available on phones, tablets, computers, iPods, etc. making it easier to students to cheat.



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