1. In her article, Wohlwend says schools are “clamping down” in regards to being open-minded about bringing new technologies into the classroom. She means that schools are often scared to reinvent their entire learning plan around new literacies that may or may not be helpful to the students. However, if the school never “ramps up” in the use of these new literacies they could face falling behind in new learning styles. This may include using devices or practices that currently the school policy deems as inappropriate. The most legitimate reasoning for this happening is the increased use of cheating, and what is most terrifying, grade inflation. Cell phones and computers during a test time do in fact increase the likelihood of students cheating. To “ramp up” the schools need to take risks in implementing new policies, if they don’t work, they can simply change the rules back to what they were. However some parents will disagree and feel that this is not beneficial for their child. The school has to be ready to explain their intentions and goals. Here are some articles regarding schools “clamping down”.


2.  I feel that traditional reading and writing literacy is more important than digital literacy. This goes the same for learning mathematical problems by hand rather than by calculator, when it comes time for a standardized test and those items are not available the student will feel lost. This same thing happened to me, my middle school teachers taught us by calculator claiming that in high school we need to know this stuff, when in reality using that calculator landed me in remedial math classes until I could get the “working out the problem” down. If word is always “spellchecking” your sentences and spellings, what will the student ever learn? When an essay needs to be hand written and turned in the student will do poorly. Law makers should first consider standardized tests and the limited use of technology (the calculator to be exact) to work out the problems. Creative writing shouldn’t be titled “creative” if google is giving the students ideas to write about.


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