Learning a second language

1. Bilingual teachers are available, but budget constraints make it difficult for schools to hire them primarily to teach a language class. To make it easier for the budget, they need to hire for example a math teacher who is also bilingual and certified to teach a language class, therefore splitting the classes up. This of course however, would have to result in higher pay for that teacher. The Rosetta Stone has been credited the easiest and fastest way to learn a language, however that program costs about $700 and schools cannot afford a program for each individual student. However, buying this program for a single (already employed by the district) teacher, and paying to have them certified could be a better option for the schools. The translators online are not very helpful and can’t identify slang and most prepositions.

2. The best thing a teacher can do to feel helpful to their students who speak another language is to do a homework activity where the parents (who hopefully speak some English) can write down where they come from and their culture so the teacher can do some research to change their teaching style for that student. Many of these students find it hard to make friends, but if there is a student who speaks the same language it may be easier for the teacher to communicate with both of them and the two students can do activities at home together.


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