The History Wars

1. Technology is extremely important in gaining other perspectives regarding history. In World Literature we read “Distant View of a Minaret” by Alifa Rifaat. She grew up, and the story takes place in, Egypt. She definitely comes off as a feminist in her writings and often has negative things to say regarding the men in that culture. To really gain an understanding, I had to research articles by other  men and women in Egypt. This opened my eyes, more than any teacher lecture could have accomplished. For that class we did an annotated bibliography, something that could be very helpful to students to do as an assignment. Of course, historians like to believe that they know everything but that just is not possible and it is true that almost anyone can write something on the internet, which causes the need for the use of reliable sources.

3. Google  has images, which can play a major role in the teaching of a certain culture’s history, While some students are audible learners some are visual learners. Putting the two together can assist in creating a great lesson. There are some videos, especially on youtube, of culture dances and walks through the villages.


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