Whiteboard Lesson

  1. Download the template for this interactive whiteboard lesson: Jeopardy Wheel
    1. http://exchange.smarttech.com/details.html?id=46f02228-751c-43d5-84dc-ab60ce65c09a
  2. Create a lesson to prep for the HSPA (Standardized test that requires a passing grade to graduate high school).
    1. Creative writing (picture prompt) is part of the English section of the exam
  3. On the notches of the wheel are creative titles (that can be somewhat misleading). Representing the game show on GSN the $25,000 Pyramid where the titles aren’t exactly what the phrases are related to
  4. Spin the wheel.  Whatever notch it lands on – click on it. When you click on it a picture comes up.
  5. It is the student’s challenge and lesson to write a short story picture prompt on this photo. They have approximately 20 minutes – keeping in mind – it is a short story!
  6. About two of these should be able to be completed in a class session

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